Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A New Sketchbook

I started a new sketchbook when I went to the zoo to draw during the previous weekend. I like to decorate the inside page spread of my sketchbook whenever I start a new one (my last one had a collage on the inside), so this week I broke out some blue acrylic paint to make a paisley pattern (inspired by some curtains I saw at Anthropologie).

This sketchbook has thicker pages than my last one, which for the most part I like because then I can draw on the backs of pages without worrying about ink bleeding through. I thought I'd test some watercolor paint on the pages, which proved to be a revealing little experiment. The paper is so smooth that the watercolor tends to bead up on the surface of the page. It made painting traditionally with the watercolor a bit difficult, but it did provide for some interesting texture in the brushstrokes.

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