Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Blog - Pictures and Print!

I've started a new blog called Pictures and Print! For some time now, I have been sharing vintage books from my own collection here on my sketch blog to show where some of my inspirations come from. I enjoy sharing my books so much that I decided to create a spin-off blog specifically for that purpose. My collection is always growing, so I will always have new books to share as well as other vintage items of interests, such as magazines, comics, and more.

Check it out for more information and all sorts of vintage book goodness!

...I also often post on Instagram, vintage related and not, as jackieocean. Feel free to follow along!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Poppa Sullivan

I painted this portrait recently as a birthday gift for my Dad. It's based on a photo of my grandfather, John Sullivan, in his World War II uniform. I snuck a quick photo of the original photo last time I was at my grandmother's house to use it for reference for this. The painting was done with acrylic paint and measures 9" x 12".