Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sketchbook Page - Harbor View Hotel Porch

This morning's sketchbook page was drawn last month on the front porch of The Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown, on Martha's Vineyard. Their front porch has a beautiful view of the Edgartown Lighthouse and it's a great place to stop and rest for a bit while walking around town. It's also a nice, comfortable place to sit and draw outside, without being in direct sunlight. A nice employee even offered to bring our dog, Bilbo, water while my husband and I were working in our sketchbooks.

After sitting on the porch for a while, we took Bilbo down to the Lighthouse beach, where he proceeded to have the time of his life. There was much frolicking in the sand, flinging of seaweed, and splashing in the ocean.

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