Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sketchbook - Edgartown Lighthouse By Moonlight

I'm back from my time on Martha's Vineyard.  I'll be going back in August for a few more days, but for now I'm back and armed with tons of new references photos that I took while I was out there.  I did a little bit of sketchbook work while I was there, but also wound up bringing home lots of ideas for new paintings.  

This watercolor is one small painting I did in my sketchbook (size 5" x 8") while I was on the island.  I snapped some photos of Edgartown Lighthouse on a moonlit night and then painted from those once I got back inside, since it was too dark to be able to paint outside.  

I've never actually painted a moonscape before, so this was some good intro practice.  I wanted the colors to be much darker and more saturated, but the sketchbook watercolor paper could only handle so much.  When I tried to go bolder with the color, my initial washes kept pulling up, even when they had been thoroughly dried.  Lesson learned - I definitely need a heavier weight paper to paint a proper moonscape.  

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