Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paris - part 3

On December 30th we went to Montmartre for a second time with the intention to do some drawing and painting. The day started out nice and sunny so Jeff and I grabbed a seat outside Cafe des 2 Moulins, ordered some cafe creme, and got out our sketchbooks. I drew a picture of the little grocery store across the street. Jeff also took a lot of reference photos of Montmarte for us to use later on for artwork.

The Cafe des 2 Moulins is the one used in Amélie. We had breakfast there earlier in the week.

After the sunny morning, the weather turned rather gray and cold so we didn't really have a good chance to draw or paint outside anymore. The last drawing below was done while sitting outside Saint Severin cafe by Saint Michel at night. The weather was cold and rainy, but sitting under the awning and heat lamp at the cafe made for some good people watching.

While the weather in Paris may not have lent itself well to drawing outside, I do have 1500+ reference photos to use for doing art from home, so you can definitely count on seeing more Paris themed artwork from me in the future!


ihadsomelagears said...

I was just thinking that it appears as though you drew these sketches from the people walking by while you were at the cafe.

Looks so cozy.

lostsailors said...

Loving these posts! It's the first time I've seen any of Jeff's work, absolutely gorgeous! Let him know I think it's great.

You two are going to be such an awesome pair!