Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inspirations: Vintage Books no.10

I hadn't been to the local used book store in a while, so last night I went to check it out and see what was new. I found a few great vintage childrens' books to add to my collection, including the one below.

Alexander, by Harold Littledale and illustrated by Tom Vroman, was published by Parents' Magazine Press in 1964. The illustrations in the book make great use of strong lines, simple shapes, and vibrant colors. The pages in the book alternate from full color to black and white with red accents on every other page. Many of the color pages make great use of utilizing the white space around the images, with the little boy in the book often moving around on the white of the page while Alexander the horse is in the main color image.

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lostsailors said...

How do you always find these amazing books? I would go to 100 stores and not find something so neat.

ihadsomelagears said...

First I noticed you changed your "About Me" info just a bit. I remember it saying you where a cowgirl and something else.


I agree, you always seem to find some of the best illustrations and examples of whatever particular factor or art your exploring at the time.

Jackie Sullivan said...

Hi Lostsailors! It can be hit or miss at bookstores, but the one in my neighborhood usually gets decent stuff. It does help that I've been going once every few months and not all the time. I also tend to make stops at random used bookstores when out on roadtrips because you never know what you'll find!

And hello, ihadsomelagears. :) I changed my "about me" info because it had been the same for a while - since I started my blog in 2007! Thought I'd have something more concise for a bit. Glad you're enjoying the found books!