Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sam Beam - for classroom demo, Part II

I've slowly been working on the watercolor painting portion of this piece while it's at the high school so that the students can watch it progress from an initial sketch to a finished piece. I did the majority of the inking in slow steps so that the students could see it progress as well. This kind of work is done during my free planning periods, or after school when the room is kept open for students who want extra time to work. Sometimes I'll bring it home to do work on it if the free periods were busy with other things, because I want there to be something new done on the piece each time the students come into the room. I've gotten into the habit of pinning it up on the board to make it easy for students to see it progressing towards a finished piece of art.

This is a photo of the illustration, so the colors aren't one hundred percent accurate, but you can get the general idea. When I finish this piece I'll eventually scan it to post online. It measures 10" x 16".

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