Sunday, March 29, 2009

Abstract Painting - Studio Art Assignment

This was the abstract painting project example that I made to show my two Studio Art classes (mostly all 9th graders). The point of this assignment was for it to work as an introduction to using acrylic paint, mixing paint, and color theory. I also introduced the students to some contemporary abstract painters who use a lot of pattern in their work.

The students could only use the colors red, yellow, blue, white, and black and they had to choose to use either an analogous, complimentary, or monochromatic color scheme. Within their color scheme choice, they were then required to mix and use a certain amount of tints, shades, and intensities, as well as including a variety of textures (brushstrokes) and patterns. The students are working at approximately 12" x 18".

It was important to do a good introductory painting lesson because the students will be working on more painting assignments for at least a month after I finish my student teaching placement at the high school.

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