Thursday, July 3, 2008

Make Your Own Treasure Map Day

In today's class, the kids got to make their own treasure maps (the same project that was so popular last year). I showed them many examples of old maps, both real and fictional, and also some beautiful reproductions of different designs for compass roses. After they drew and painted their map, I helped them age the paper using coffee grounds. I snapped a few pictures of some of the maps while they were drying.

A simple island, but make sure that you keep an eye out for the ominously named "Blodsand beach".

Those who venture into "Unforgiveibiel bay" should keep an eye out for piratical ruffians.

Here we have the always popular island of "Never Land". However, it seems that poor Peter Pan has been ostracized and the island is now equally divided, split down the middle, between Tinkerbell and Hook.

As you can see, the line clearly defines where Tinkerbell's land ends and Hook's part of the land begins. Tinkerbell has also graciously allowed the "Magic School" to conduct classes on her property.

While he doesn't have a Magic School, Hook can offer visitors "Hooks Fighting Ally". Just keep an eye out for the ferocious sea monster. He might say "Grr!" at you!

Beware to all who enter "The Island of Danger"! Here we have a wide variety of danger for thrill seekers who dare to try their luck.

Keep an eye out for the spooky inhabitants of "The Gost Room". People can also stop by the "Treasher map making studio" to make their own souvenirs.

And I don't think I have to tell you to look out for "The spooky old man's home". Rumor has it that the spooky old man bears a striking resemblance, both in appearance and mannerisms, to Christopher Walken.

Don't forget to visit "Zombi cafe" for a nice local cup o' joe.

"Night Island" presents us with a unique geographic formation. Here you will find such landmarks as "The Gulf of Night", "Wolverine Woods", "Snake Lake", and "Dark Shark Ocean".

And what map island would be complete without a ship full of pirates looking for treasure? "Land ho!"

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Anonymous said...

My niece and nephew are staying with us for a few days, and my nephew walked by as I was looking at the maps - he wants to make one! I think I like "Blodsand beach" the best. :)

Also, I need to squee at your inclusion of Serenity Valley on your treasure map last year!