Saturday, July 7, 2007

Recent Sketchbook Pages vol.3 and a Treasure Map

I tried to do a little bit of drawing while I was in town for the Fourth of July, but there were too many people around who kept wanting to watch over my shoulder, so this was the only decent sketch that happened.

Yesterday was Pirate Day in the kids' art class that I'm teaching this summer. They got to design their own treasure map and then I showed them how to age the paper. I've done this project with previous summer classes and it always goes over well. This was the one I made for a demo. I also brought in a whole bunch of my piratey books for them to look through for ideas. They had a blast, and got really creative with it. One boy had "Ice Cream Island" which was, of course, shaped like an ice cream cone. Another girl kept asking how to spell things like "mortal peril" or "catastrophe" because she wanted the places on her island to sound really dangerous. Then, all on their own, they started making swords and eyepatches and bandanas out of construction paper. I found some cardboard tubes from old rolls of paper towels in the closet, which I gave them to use for telescopes. All in all, it was a really good class. It was a nice end to a busy, successful week.

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