Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Watercolor Sketches

I was cleaning out old papers and artwork today and I came across some quick watercolor samples that I'd done for the children's art classes that I taught last summer. Since they're a little different from what I've been posting here, I thought they might be fun to share.

The kids liked this project a lot, and it was easy to do. You just paint on the paper, going a bit heavy on the water, and then you blow the paint and water around on the paper with a plastic straw. You can get some really neat effects that way.

Nothing too terribly exciting, just a quick watercolor sketch of the boats in the harbor. I had taken the kids over by the docks to do some outdoors painting and drawing.

This is actually ink and not watercolor. I use ink painting a lot with the pictures that I make, and I thought the kids might want to try painting with it as well. Just a simple alternative to watercolors. One of the kids wanted me to paint a pirate ship, but the paper was a little too wet so the pirate ship is a bit on the blurry side.

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Heather said...

I like the way the pirate ship is blurry - it makes it look like it's in the distance, and gives it a mysterious edge - like the start of Pirates of the Caribbean.