Sunday, June 22, 2014

Photos from the Everson Museum 60/60

The 60/60 Show at the Everson Museum went really well last night! I had a lot of fun participating and I think that I will probably sign up for it again next year.  

In order to make sure that I could finish my watercolor painting in the sixty minute time period, I penciled out the picture ahead of time.  I also used masking fluid to block out the areas I wanted to stay white and painted the blue eggs.  That way, I could focus on the browns and yellows for the nest without worrying about my colors bleeding together and turning green.  Sixty minutes goes by fast, so the set up that I did ahead of time turned out to be essential.  

Here is the painting that I made at the show.  It measured approximately 10" x 10".

Below you can see photos from the event as I was painting and the event guests were walking about and watching.

This was my work area.  I had also brought an extension cord and a hair dryer to help speed along the drying process so that I could make sure that I finished the painting in time.

I had a decent amount of tickets in my bucket by the time they were ready to pull the raffle winners.

The raffle winners with my painting.  The woman was very happy that she won, stating that she is a bird enthusiast.  

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