Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sketchbook - Red Rocks

Earlier this year, in May, I went to Boulder, Colorado for my brother's wedding.  He and his wife were married at a lovely location up in the Flatiron Mountains.  My husband and I had a wonderful time visiting Boulder and exploring the city.  I hope to visit Boulder again some day.  I'd love to spend more time out there drawing, painting, and exploring.  

While we were out in Boulder, we also drove to Red Rocks to have a look around.  Jeff and I couldn't get in to the amphitheatre area because there was a concert going on that night - Vampire Weekend with Monsters and Men opening for them.  We were able to get as far the gift shop area, so we went in to their little parking lot and picnic area and sat and drew the rocks for a while.  There was also the awesome bonus that we could hear the entire Monsters and Men soundcheck from where we were sitting - it was like a free concert! Whoo!  I drew the above sketch while we were sitting at Red Rocks.  I also snapped a few photos, which you can see below.

All of the pictures in the news of the recent flooding in Boulder and the surrounding area makes me so sad for the people of the city.  If you're looking to help the citizens of Boulder who are suffering from the floodwaters, this page from the CBS Denver News has information about the various ways you can help.

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