Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hope For Japan

The tragedy going on in Japan right now is unimaginable. Earthquakes, tsunami waves, fires, nuclear seems like they've been hit with just about everything. I've been reading the news quite a bit since I woke up to the headlines yesterday morning and my heart goes out to all of those people.

This illustration is my response to the whole situation, offering some hope in my own little way. I used sumi ink, watercolor paper, and Photoshop to put it together this morning.


ihadsomelagears said...

I can't quite make it out but is that a form of origami in the corner?

Regardless, I like what you put out. Did ya thing.

lostsailors said...

This is really beautiful.

Jackie Sullivan said...

Lostsailors: Thank you!

ihadsomelagears: Thanks! It's an origami crane. I did a little ink painting of one that I had made and keep on my bookshelf.