Saturday, October 30, 2010

Roy Lichtenstein styled self-portrait

I painted this as a demonstration piece for my 8th grade students. They've been making self-portraits inspired by either Roy Lichtenstein or Shepard Fairey (a project inspired by one I saw in Todd Stahl's classroom when I was doing my student teaching). After learning about both artists and taking reference photos to work from, they selected the style they wanted to work in and then transferred their photo to a drawing on 14" x 18" illustration board using the grid method.

Here are some samples of my students' work in progress. For most of them, this was their first time attempting a self-portrait. They're just wrapping up this project now and we're starting a ceramics lesson.



I remember when my class had to draw a self portrait. I highly enjoyed it. I wish we would've considered this style of self portrait. We covered Lichtenstein but never really created anything in that area.

lostsailors said...

I love your students' work- look how great they all are!