Monday, May 17, 2010

Benches On Parade - The Debut!

The Benches On Parade have officially made their debut! I attended the premiere party last Monday and had a great opportunity to see all of the benches in one place. Since the party, the benches have all been installed in various places around Rochester. The bench that I painted can be seen at the corner of Barrington Street and Park Avenue. You can locate my bench from the page and map on the official website. The Benches On Parade book is also now for sale.

If you visit my bench on location, take photos! I'd love to see them. The benches will be on display throughout Rochester until the end of the summer.


lostsailors said...

That is perfection! I cannot believe it's painted. Beautiful.

Jackie Sullivan said...

Thanks so much!

All of the artists were required to take their bench to an auto body shop to have two clear coats of a finishing sealer put on the bench. This will help protect them from the elements while they're displayed outside. The clear finish also happened to work really well with the way I painted my bench - the shiny coating complements the flat colors perfectly and helps emphasize the art deco inspired look that I was going for.