Sunday, February 21, 2010

Benches On Parade - Part 4

My work on the bench for Benches On Parade is on the home stretch! Over the past couple days, I started getting into a lot of the detail work - circles and dots with the stripe patterns, cleaning up the globes, adding more stripes, etc.

The front of the bench is almost complete. I had to re-sand the rim of the seat a little bit so I could re-paint the rim to fix the alignment of the yellow bar. I'm going to be adding some lettering to the seat rim, so now it's all prepped and ready for that. The only other thing the front of the bench needs are the computer chip patterns in the two navy blue panels.

On the back of the bench, the stripes and dots are almost complete. I've marked where all of the circles need to be painted in. The other details the back needs are the blue grid lines and the computer chip patterns in the three navy blue blocks. The computer chip pattern is also going to be added to the navy blue areas on the sides of the bench. The end is in sight!

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