Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ceramic Rainforest Plaques - Toucan Example

I'm student teaching at an elementary school (1st through 5th grades) for six weeks. Next week I'll be starting my third week there. This is the project that I'm doing with my 3rd grade classes. I made this example to show them, trying to keep it as simple as possible. They're learning about the rainforest in their normal classrooms, so I thought it would be fine to tie their art project into that since they're all really interested in that subject right now.

My students are all making a rainforest animal of their choice on a clay plaque, using cookie cutters and stencils to cut out shapes and also using clay tools to cut out more free form or organic shapes. I showed them art by Charley Harper to give them examples of how you can build an animal out of shapes. We'll be using acrylic paint to add color, since I won't be there long enough to do a bisque firing and a glaze firing with the classes. The students will also be incorporating little pre-fired ceramic tiles into their animal plaques.

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