Thursday, January 8, 2009

I can't believe it's already January!

I haven't updated my deviantArt gallery in months, and I want to get caught up on that because I'd like to make some more prints available. Of the artwork that I've been posting in the recent months, is there anything in particular that you definitely want to see available as a print for purchase? Because if there is a demand for any image, I'll work on formatting that for prints first.

I just signed up for an AdSense account through Google, so if you notice some small ads appearing in the right sidebar of this blog you'll know why. I wanted to try it out because I'm curious to see if I would be able to make enough through ads to help cover little fees for things online, like for my LiveJournal and deviantArt accounts. Every little bit helps. I know that no one really likes having ads on websites, but I wanted to give this a little trial basis to see if it's worthwhile or not.

School just started back up again this week from the holiday break, so that is keeping me busy. However, hopefully by this weekend I'll have some new work in progress images for an illustration from a class assignment to share here on my blog.

I hope everyone is having a good New Year so far! Despite all of the craziness in the world, I'm feeling optimistic and hopeful about 2009.

Lastly, because this is an art blog, here are some scribbles from one of my sketchbooks. This was just me working out some ideas for that illustration that I said I'm working on for school.

EDIT: Aaaand the ads are already gone. They were annoying me, and I don't get enough traffic through here for it to be worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely Edgartown Lighthouse or Chickadee!