Saturday, November 8, 2008


I was really happy with how this painting for my watercolor class turned out. The finished painting measures 18" x 14", and it's based on a photo I took two summers ago on Martha's Vineyard. Also, the painting really doesn't have that warping going on towards the top, I was just having some trouble scanning it on my little scanner. I'm planning on re-scanning it on one of the larger format scanners on campus. When I scan large pieces here at home I usually have to scan it in sections and then piece it back together, which can be tricky at times. Until then, this version will do for now.

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Rose Figliomeni Khan said...

I really like this little guy. I also appreciate the way you generated the grass utilizing the natural color of the paper. It's a nice design move that moves the drawing from straightforward replication to illustration.