Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Frosty Lion

The topic for Illustration Friday this week is "the zoo". I always wonder what the animals at the zoo do when the weather turns cold, especially the animals that usually live in warmer climates. For example, lions live in the Serengeti, not the harsh winters of upstate New York. Yeah, he has that big fur coat, but still. Cold is cold.

The sketches below were just me playing around with a couple other ideas for this week's topic. I had to work kind of quick this week since I'm going out of town tomorrow, and I was determined to have something to show for this IF topic.


Snuggle Muffin said...

Cool idea. I love the colours and patterns on the lion. And I love your sketch book page; those penguins are so cute!

Elizabeth Metz said...

How very compassionate of you to draw the lion some clothes!!

At least at our zoo, I think they just spend much of their time indoors. Kind of like us humans.

Love the style here.

nessadee said...

Very cute! I love the limited palette and patterns in this piece!

Kstyles said...

What a sweet looking lion. Too bad we can't really put a lion in a sweater. Nice illo.